10 Things To Do In Playa Grande

This restful beach town offers the best of Guanacaste.

If you were to ask about Playa Grande, many would immediately relate this dreamy beach to its reputation as a surfer’s haven, and despite being absolutely one of the best spots for intermediate and advanced surfing in the Gold Coast, Playa Grande offers a wide range of activities that go beyond its fast breaks. 

Here are 10 of the highlights.

  1. Marino Las Baulas National Park

One of Playa Grande’s most appealing features is its natural backdrop. The tropical dry forest and the estuary environments blend in to offer a vast selection of exotic flora and fauna. There’s no better way to experience this full-hand than by taking a tour inside Marino Las Baulas National Park, in which you might even see the turtles nesting, depending on the time of the year. Definitely a must. 

  1. Surf Camp

It certainly isn’t the only thing to do, but if you’re here, you might as well see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Share with the vibrant, local surfing community, take lessons, or polish your skills in the Casitas break. No matter your favorite approach, Playa Grande has you covered in all things surfing. 

  1. Yoga Lessons

Playa Grande’s bohemian atmosphere is the perfect fit for those who enjoy the many perks of yoga, and there simply isn’t a better environment to have this holistic experience than a relaxing tropical beach. 

  1. Rent a Bicycle and Explore

There simply isn’t a better way of exploring the community than renting a bike and exploring for yourself through unpaved roads and abundant tropical vegetation. 

  1. Estuary Tour

If you want a heavy dose of exotic flora and fauna, an estuary tour is probably the way to go. You’ll see all the water bird species that flock the mangrove, and you might even see eye to eye with a massive crocodile (at a safe distance, of course)!

  1. Horseback Riding

If you truly want a magical scene, there’s simply no better option than taking a horseback ride through Playa Grande’s expansive beach as the sun sets. The ultimate experience in tropical paradise. 

  1. Kayaking

Given its rapid breaks, Playa Grande is also a great setting for practicing some kayaking, and diversifying your avenues for adventure!

  1. Visit Playa Ventanas

If you fancy an even calmer atmosphere, you can take a 30-minute walk to Playa Ventanas, an ideal beach for a day’s escape from bathing in tide pools and laying back on the beach. 

  1. Visit Playa Carbon

From Playa Ventanas, you can go further North and find Playa Carbon, an even more secluded beach that’s truly a hidden gem in the area. 

  1. Take a boat to Tamarindo

Finally, if you want to enjoy the colorful social life of Tamarindo, or its eclectic culinary scene, you can take a 5-minute boat ride and stay overnight. Boats usually take you there between 6am and 5pm.

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